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Where do you ship?

Currently, we only ship within Canada.

Are your bubble tea kits vegan?

Our Flavoured Powder and Non-dairy creamer are not vegan because they contain a milk derivative. But our Tapioca & Tea Leaves are vegan!! - Please see the product details for the full list of ingredients.

How do I store uncooked boba?

Place any uncooked tapioca in an airtight container. We recommend putting the tapioca into a Ziploc bag and then pushing the air out to prevent moisture from going in. Minor condensation is normal because the tapioca are slightly moist. Keep them in a dry area and away from direct sunlight. If stored correctly, uncooked tapioca will last 3 months after you break the seal.

How do I store cooked boba?

Cooked tapioca should be covered in simple syrup (or choice of sweetner) to prevent them from sticking to one another. Keep the tapioca at room temperature. Do NOT put the in them refrigerator, as this will harden the boba. Consume fresh tapioca within 5 hours of cooking. If you have unused cooked tapioca - you may also freeze the remaining portions. We recommend freezing in ice cube trays or single sized portions in Ziploc bags. Please read 'Tapioca on Demand' in our recipes page to find out how to thaw frozen boba.

What is the shelf life of...?

Tapioca (uncooked): 3 months Tapioca (cooked) @ room temperature: 5 hours Tapioca (cooked) frozen: 1 month Non-dairy creamer: 6 months Flavour powder: 12 months

What kinds of sweetners can I use?

There are a few options that work best with bubble tea: 1. Simple Syrup 2. Honey 3. Brown Sugar 4. Agave Syrup

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